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Hey! I’m Steve Dedrick, Garden Designer, Consultant & Environmental practitioner


20+ years into my career within the wider environmental, garden & landscape industry, i am still finding new adventures & new pathweays to embark on.....

Weather the storms or embrace them? .... 

i'm learning more & more its the latter that gives us breath & forward movement to enjoy the calming seas when they arrive...

What a journey! excited for what the next 20+ years hold as the design projects become some of the most fulfilling ive been involved with ... 


we all start somewhere & the idea is to just START!


As they say its not the destination its the journey... reminding ourselves to be present each & everyday we draw breath on this amazing place we call planet earth.

And just like good garden design its a process with many ups & downs, blockages, hurdles, challenges & ultimately triumph!

I love the journey as much as the reward,  Let me help you on that journey to a dream garden, and lets embrace the future! " 

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