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Endemic Environments is a dedicated Adelaide based business, incorporating Environmental Management and Landscaping Services.


Founded in 2013 by environmentalist, horticulturalist and landscaper Steve Dedrick, Endemic Environments was established to create and maintain Adelaide’s surrounding native bush land and habitats. Steve’s vision is to provide ecological landscape alternatives within design and construction, with a set of core values that aims to bring our native habitats not only back to suburbia, but also to our living spaces. 


Our ethos is one that emphasises the importance of sustainability, efficient water use/saving and working towards creating a low carbon footprint. Creating environmental awareness through garden aesthetics and construction enriches an outdoor living space, whilst also creating a positive impact on local wildlife by providing appropriate habitats within the metro suburbs.


Our landscape construction works on producing sustainable water-saving gardens that are habitat havens of relaxation, rest, play and entertainment.


Steve has been involved with the environmental, horticulture and landscape industry for over 15 years, leading projects of varying scales, both simple and complex. With this extensive experience, Steve possesses the capabilities, capacity, knowledge and skills necessary to meet any project timelines and budgets, whilst assuring the highest quality of work.

Our dedicated and multi-skilled team are passionate about what we do and would love to collaborate with you on your next project. 


Contact Steve Dedrick on:

Phone: (+61) 400 809 861

Email:  steve@endemicenvironments.com

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